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Try logging out from Spotify app and disconnecting Spotify from Nike Running app. After that, log back in to the Spotify account then connect with the Nike Running app once again. If still now working, kindly reach out to @SpotifyCares via Twitter.

Hello Coleppky! Welcome to the community. Try changing the region of your iPhone to US.0Did that. Still some issue.0I am having the exact same issue. i’ve done what has been recommended in older threads (re-install both apps, restart phone) and stil no solution.0To add additional info, I was working fine until either Nike or Spotify recent upgraded apps or IOS upgrade. Not sure which.1Is there still no solution for this? It’s been bothering me for two weeks now, tried everything..1I’ve been dealing with this for two weeks now. I talked with a Spotify rep and found that while my phone won’t connect, my iPad will (which is u0Did anyone find a solution to this problem? I’ve been having the same issue for about 3 weeks now. I’ve tried all the above listed recommendations0Try logging out from Spotify app and disconnecting Spotify from Nike Running app. After that, log back in to the Spotify account then connect with0So the same problem occurred today. For some reason Spotify won’t connect and sits spinning. Ive tried everything listed – reinstall everything, si1

NIKE+ RUN CLUB PLAYLISTS Nike+ Running App users have access to every Nike+ Run Club Spotify Playlist. Inspired by live NRC sessions, these playlists have been designed for a variety of different run types, refreshed weekly to keep every workout fresh.

Plan – Premium Country – Australia Device Iphone X The nike run club app allows me to connect my Spotify account and listen to my playlists while I run. 2 days ago it stopped allowing me to select the playlist. I have attached a video of this happening. – https://drive

I’ve had the exact same issue the last few weeks. Have you figured out a fix?1Not yet, I have tried everything, rest phone, re install app, disconnect and reconnect to spotify but no luck.0Hi, you have exactly the same problem on an old iPhone 5 that I use for running I have (thanks for the video clip) Everything was working well til1Thanks for the reply, at this point in time I have to use my apple watch to track distance and use iphone for music independently! Let’s hope they1I’m having the exact same issue. Reported it it to nike and Spotify. No responses.0Oh wow, it took me forever and a day to find this thread. No solutions for anyone else? I’m on an iphone 7 and I have the exact same issue with pla0I’m having the same issue as well. I tried restarting the phone. I reinstalled Nike run club without any success.0I’ve had a similar issue for the last few weeks – Can’t play music from Spotify through Nike run app. Tried everything from restarting iPhone XS to0Thanks, l agree this is something Nike and Spotify need to sort out